Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Why we need an Applied Anthropology

We live in a world which we know only as The World


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It is a Beautiful World.

We share this World with millions of others people.

It is a complex world divided among people who speak many different languages.

It is a world shared people with many different culures.

It is a world of different faiths.

It is a world of uneven distribution of wealth and poverty

It is a world of perpetual conflict.

It is a dynamic world of perpetual change.

It is a fragile world that we almost destroyed at will during the post WWII Cold War

It is still happening. Do we want it to happen? 


How can we prevent this from happening???

We need to understand one another, our differences and our similarities. We need to be open minded and accepting if we are to survive as a species. 

Applied Anthropology, the application of scientific knowledge about how our species has survived and prospered, is a starting point to framing the real questions facing our species in this century.

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