Thursday, January 5, 2012

What is reality if there is no evidence?

As the Superorganic continues to emerge as the reality of the 21st century on the planet Earth, how are we to know it exists as a force in our lives? Primitive humans lacked the understanding and experience with many of nature's potentials and possibilities. For early humans, these were mysteries. They were mysteries that required explanation that the immediate experience could not answer. The human mind developed a method for coping with these events. It was through the invention of magic and religion that humanity attempted to gain control over nature.

Magic evolved into craft and then into scientific engineering while religion evolved into philosophy and then into science. While the roots of modern engineering and science lay in magic and religion, they have not totally replaced them as a source of explanation for the unexplainable.

In the 21st century, engineers and scientist are entering the realm of magic and religion through a backdoor. It is a backdoor that was first proposed millennium ago by religion -- the presence of invisible spirits that can manipulate and confound events in the visible world.

The world of human imagination has long contemplated the presence of spirits. Science fiction writers have toyed with the idea in various forms. Human art forms have relied on these ideas to create a universe of imaginary creatures and story telling techniques. The reality of these creatures has relied on the psychological nature of the individual and the cultural roles that influence it. We have evolved to discriminate between the imaginary, fictional, world and the physical events of the real world. As technology has become more and more "realistic" the challenge of distinguishing between the virtual world and the physical world becomes greater.

Today we are on the verge of making spirit technology a reality.

But what will be the social and cultural impact of such technology on the evolution of human psychology and the Superorganic's ability to control humanity?

  A recent article on," Pentagon Scientists Use ‘Time Hole’ to Make Events Disappear" raises the question What is reality if there is no evidence?

 Tthe question could provide anthropologists with an opportunity to observe how a socio/cultural system adapts its definition of reality to a technology that challenges the basis of visual evidence. What happens when the essence of experience, based on the electo-magnetic spectrum, is manipulated technologically by light bending? By creating a black hole out of which the forces of the superorganic emerge?

Will it become the new magic or just a new problem solving technique to entertain or control the individual and society? Check out the story.

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